JDM Import Service

Looking for help finding and importing the perfect JDM car? We can help!

Our team has extensive experience on both the Japanese and USA side including processes, fees, timelines, things to watch out for, and more.

If you’re looking to have someone handle the process for you and get the car all the way to Florida with a clean Florida title, this is your service!

Our team can help you find almost anything, budget dependent, although we specialize in 4WD vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruisers and unique offerings sometimes never sold in the states like Toyota Town Ace and Lite Ace vans.

1996 Mitsubishi RVR

We also are suckers for cars like the Toyota Celsior (AKA LS400) that were sold in the states, but in Japan often have significantly lower mileage and far better condition than what you can find anywhere in the US.

Plus, it’ll be right-hand drive – freaking cool!

How It Works


First, ensure your budget is realistic. What does that mean? Well, you’re not going to be able to get a “deal” by importing from Japan. Competition is too stiff and you’re competing with a worldwide audience. Your low-ball bid won’t get lucky.

You are likely to win the car cheaper cheaper than statewide equivalents, but you still have to factor in fees, shipping, import duties, etc. Don’t worry, that all sounds scary but we have your back.

You do have the ability to get a vehicle in great condition for a fair market price.

Decide What You Want

Second, decide specifically what you want. You need to determine the must-haves, the nice-to-haves, and then most importantly the cannot-haves.

Must-haves are year range, make, and model to start. They might also be min/max mileage, or it might be engine and trim options.

Nice-to-haves are things like exterior and interior colors. Are you willing to get a low mileage, clean interior even if its not black leather?

Cannot-haves are things we’re firm on from our side, and you should be too. Things like rust and corrosion – absolutely not. We don’t bid on those. Repainted, modded, crashed and repair? Those are things you have to decide for yourself, but you significantly open yourself up to more risk and cost.

Deposit and Our Fees